Whether you’re looking for a long sleeve tee for layering or classic skate tees for summer days, you’re going to find what you need here. Asphalt tees embrace the rich skateboarding culture and history that influenced our brand, while always keeping our gaze aimed towards the future.

Own Your Style

From your favorite hat right down to your trusty go-to skate tees, your personal style is a part of who you are. The clothes you wear are as much a piece of you as the music you listen to and the crew you call family. Here at Asphalt, we strongly believe that if you stay focused and keep pushing for success, the possibilities are endless.

Our Team

Our skate tees are just another chapter of a legendary legacy. Asphalt was founded by Stevie Williams, a pro skater from Philly who is widely recognized as one of the most influential skaters to date. Asphalt tees are more than just clothes. They’re part of an ongoing tradition. Whether you’re skating streets or surfing couches, Asphalt apparel is part of your daily experience.

Cop Your Favorite Tees

Did we mention our clothes straight up look fresh? Whatever your personal aesthetic may be, you’re going to find something. Check out our skatewear collections, and discover your personal style. From the dopest skate tees to the hottest accessories to complete your fits, we’ve got you covered. Hit us up online if you have any questions, or simply place your order now.